4 Reasons You Should Work With A Realtor

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Real Estate

Once you decide that its time to really get serious about purchasing a home, whether it’s your first home or your tenth, it can become a bit overwhelming. Even the most experienced buyers fell the stress. Of course there are parts of  the process (like searching for a home) that are fun and easy because of online technology. Remember though, every buyer has access to the same resources! You may not be the only one who falls in love with that perfect home!

There is also much more to the process than just finding the right home. Don't forget about financing, contract negotiations, home repairs and inspections, appraisals, and assuring its all done in time for the closing! These are all excellent reasons to work with an experienced Realtor.

I can help you with the following when you search your new home:

1. Lender Pre Approval

This is the first step, and probably the most important! I will help you find a great lender to secure your loan. As a professional Realtor, I work with many mortgage brokers who represent different lenders, so regardless of your down payment size, credit score, and other factors, I’ll know which lender could be the best fit for you.

The right loan officer explains your financing options, plus helps you to understand important factors of obtaining a loan; things like how much you can afford, what you should expect in closing costs, and how much down payment you’ll need.

2. Searching For Your New Home

Some people mistakenly assume that they don’t need a Realtor when searching for a home. They know how to create the internet search, so they think that’s all they need to do. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that there is much, much more than just looking a pictures online.  Important questions will naturally come up. Do homes in that area hold their value?  What is the home really worth?  Are the schools good? These are all questions that a Realtor can answer for you.    

3. Making A Good Offer

Making a good offer on the home can be a difficult thing to do for buyers. Even if you love the home and are making an offer, there is no guarantee that the seller will accept it. You could end up starting all over again in the search process.

Let me help you make the offer that works for the seller, and for you — I can show you important data that will help you understand whether you’re underbidding or overbidding on the home by showing you the recent sales in the area.

One of my specialties is negotiating on your behalf. There are so many factors in the art of negotiations, and I am an expert in that area. 

4. Assisting At The Closing

When you find the home that you want, and the seller accepts the offer - now you just have to show at at the closing, right? Actually No. Unfortunately, the negotiations may not be finished yet. Even what seams to be an easy real estate deal could involve last minute changes and complications. I’ll be there at the closing with you to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and you leave with the keys to your new home!