Energy Efficient Homes

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A growing trend in the housing market is energy efficient homes. When your home is energy efficient, its value will increase. With the spring market quickly approaching, here are a few things to do that will make your home more energy efficient.

To Do List For Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent throughout your home. Fluorescent bulbs have a long life and low energy use. They even come in different shades from warm to cool.

Lower the thermostat on your water heater.

Replace weather stripping around the doors in your home if you can feel leaking air. Also replace broken or missing storm doors.

Clean your air ducts. This will create a cleaner living environment and improves air flow efficiency. 

Make sure you are regularly changing your furnace and air conditioning filters. Additionally, be sure to have your furnace serviced before the winter and the air conditioner before the summer. Tuning up your HVAC system can also help  you to avoid a larger bill of anywhere between 2-8,000 to replace it.

Run large appliances during low-use periods in summer such as early in the morning or late at night. Use the air-dry method on your dishwasher to save energy.

energy efficient home


Do an energy audit. This is a simple and free process where your gas and electric company will check for proper insulation, make sure your roof is not leaking air, and maybe recommend home improvements. Many times you can get an energy efficiency statement from your service provider.

Replace older appliances. The refrigerator would be the first one to replace, if you are on a budget.

Replace old insulation. The EPA estimates that you can reduce electric bills by as much as 20% with new ceiling and attic insulation.

Completing several of these tasks will make your home more energy efficient. These improvements will add value to your home and be a great selling feature.