Small Kitchen? Make the Most of Your Space

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Do you have a small kitchen? 

Here area some tips on how to maximize a small space.

1. Donate Stuff

Before moving into your new space, make sure to get rid of the things that you know you don’t need anymore. Have you actually used that discounted bundt pan you bought two years ago? If not, why not donate it to your local charity shop? Someone else might be getting some use out of it, and you’ll be saving yourself from clutter in your new home.

2. Think Vertically

Vertically storing things is a tried-and-true method of using space, and the kitchen holds some unique opportunities for making the most of it. By hanging pot racks, magnetic knife strips, mounted dish-drying racks installed above the sink, and rods with hooks for towels, aprons, small tools, and oven mitts, these are all excellent ways to keep necessary clutter in its place and keep surfaces and lower areas of the room free.

3. Find Beautiful Utensils

It’s far more convenient to keep everyday items out, but they never need to be an eyesore. Skip the plastic and invest in a wooden spoon. Get a natural fiber dish brush. Find a glass soap dispenser. These items wouldn’t cost much, but they add a touch of luxury while also getting the job done.

4. Tap Into Change

Just because your place didn’t come with a dishwasher doesn’t mean you’re high and dry. Installing a quality faucet with a pull-down sprayer can not only make your chores less of a chore, it adds quite the appeal to your kitchen. If you have the space and budget for something more, portable dishwashers can be a massive timesaver. Small countertop models and wheeled, butcher-block-top options are only some of the many sizes that fit into almost any space and require nothing more than your standard sink to function.

5. Live the Island Life

A kitchen island is an amazing tool for almost any space, even in the tiniest micro apartments! Whether you choose a larger center-of-the-room-style piece or a small butcher-block number, island additions create more counter space and storage, all in one. And, an added bonus: If your island has wheels, it can serve as a portable bar for your next party. If that party is just bingeing your favorite shows on Netflix with a bunch of friends, then have that party!


6. Light It Up

Good lighting is everything. If your kitchen is dedicated to getting things done at the start of your day, invest in some quirky lighting, the kind that washes everything in a bright, sunlit glow. A refreshing, cooler light wakes us up and creates an invigorating feeling. If you’re more of a romantic and enjoy taking your time in the kitchen, keep relaxing, warm lighting around so that you can let the day melt away as you sip your wine. For those who want a bit of both, there are apps that can connect to bulbs can customize the mood for any occasion, and some even use every color of the rainbow.

7. Think Big… Temporarily

There is one common complaint about renting, it’s the plain, white walls. Removable wallpaper can add a touch of personalization and won’t break the bank or at least, it doesn’t have to. To keep costs low, stick to one accent wall. Finding a large print will make the space feel much larger and layering a mirror on top will maximize the look and any light.

8. Curate Unique Displays

One of the best ways to keep many oddly shaped kitchen items is to dedicate either one section of the room or one wall to show them off. Whether it’s your grandmother’s antique creamer collection or the jumble of cookie cutters that won’t fit into your drawers, making them into a vignette can add a layer of personalization to your space while also providing covert storage space in plain sight. Easy-to-install hooks or some simple shelves are great ways to achieve this solution.

9. Keep It Alive

Every room deserves a plant. They look great, and they improve the quality of the air around them. If you don’t have the available floor or counter space to spare in your home, consider a hanging plant. If you have pets in your home, be sure to do some research on the toxicity of plants before choosing which ones you need. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the addition of artificial plants can benefit from an organic presence in your home.

No matter how challenging your unique space is, there are always solutions waiting for you to find it.