What is Exterior Home Staging?

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Exterior staging your home is also known as creating curb appeal. There is an old saying that everyone knows: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That is especially true with real estate; when your home is for sale! It’s so important to make sure that the first look that buyers get, leaves a positive, and lasting impression.

Enhance Your Home's Exterior

•  Power wash the exterior of the home, however, if you see peeling paint, you may need to hire professional painters to clean and repaint the home
•  Deep clean the inside and outside of your windows to make your windows shine!
•  Clean out your gutters and replace them if they look old or are rusted out
•  Have someone jump on the roof and fix loose shingles
•  In the Fall, rake leaves and tidy up your flower beds
•  During Spring and Summer, mow your lawn and remove weeds and growing up through sidewalks

exterior staging Curb Appeal

•  Keep you trees and bushes trimmed
•  Plant some bright-colored flowers
•  Keep toys and yard tools stored and put your garden hose away
•  Install a motion detector light in the front and back yards
•  Keep the walkway to the house, the driveway and sidewalk in front of the house clean and neatly swept
•  In the Winter, make sure the driveway, sidewalk and porch are shoveled and clear of all ice and snow
•  Give your front door a fresh coat of paint
•  Replace the door’s hardware and handle
•  Paint or stain your wood fences
•  Put large, visible address numbers on the front of your house

Don't Forget the Sides & Back of Your Home

•  Power wash your deck or patio and stain or paint if necessary
•  Secure loose boards on your deck
•  Trim bushes throughout the back yard
•  Set up a nice sitting area in the backyard – or even a popular fire pit

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