Your Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

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If you’ve ever been a homeowner, you understand that just as your car needs regular maintenance to run well, so does your home! With our busy lives, this can be easily ignored or put off, but having a well- maintained home will save you money from costly repairs in the long run. It also makes your home easier to sell when that time comes.

Here are some important things that you should put on your Home Maintenance Checklist.

1.  Monthly

 •  Change HVAC or furnace filters
 •   Clean your range hood filters
 •  Check water softener

2.  Every 6 Months

 •  Deep clean your home
 •  Test the pressure relief valve on the water heater
 •  Replace batteries in smoke/carbon dioxide detectors
 •  Vacuum the refrigerator coils

Annually - Maintenance by Season

3.  Spring

 •  Service central air
 •  Check gutters and drainage
 •  Test sump pump
 •  Check grout in the bathroom and kitchen & fix where needed
 •  Check windows and screens

4.  Summer

 •  Clean ducts, sweep the chimney and get heating systems ready
 •  Check and clean the clothes dryer vent
 •  Clean garage

5.  Fall

 •  Winterize A/C systems
 •  Flush and store hoses

6.  Winter

 •  Break Icicles
 •  Remove shower heads and clean deposits
 •  Check the foundation for cracks